Chef Ling was born and raised in Fuzhou City, located in the southeast part of China. It was there that she was influenced by her grandmother’s cooking and developed a passion for the art of Chinese cuisine. She has been perfecting her culinary skills for several years at restaurants located in New York City, Chinatown, as well as right here in Austin, Texas.

After cooking and exploring different cities, Chef Ling felt most at home in Austin, Texas, a place she felt where she could continue to grow her career and grow her family. After becoming a mother, she gradually focused on healthier cooking and the nutrition of foods, discovering the benefits of organic ingredients. Ling believes that a healthy diet can be achieved through using local organic farming, a concept derived from her upbringing in China, as well as her extensive international travels and cooking experiences.

Here in Austin, Chef Ling aims to bring a different perception of food to the table. Through culture, art, and legacy, Ling provides an intimate look at how food should really be enjoyed.